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Welcome to JKG Longhorns

Registered Butler Texas Longhorn Cattle

JKG Longhorns are Registered Texas Longhorn cattle of the Butler family owned and raised by Jeff, Kristi, Kacie and Jodie Ging.

Herd of Registered Butler Texas Longhorn Cattle - JKG Longhorns

Our Texas Longhorn Story

We started raising Texas Longhorn cattle in 2008, when we purchased a heifer calf for Jodie to bottle feed for the bucket calf show at the county fair. Soon after, we decided to start a family ranch and purchased a bull calf to be our first herd sire.


When Kacie and Jodie began showing cattle in the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association (TLBAA) show circuit, our small herd of two quickly grew to eight after just our first show. The girls showed for six years earning many honors, awards, and scholarships.


All the while, we were learning about the breed and modifying our program. Learn more about our family ranch.

There are seven families of Texas Longhorns originating from the breeders who saved the cattle from extinction in the early 1900’s. These families are the Yates, Phillips, Wichita Refuge, Marks, Wright, Peeler, and Butler.

Butler Texas Longhorns are a distinct family known for their twisty horn shapes and beautiful color patterns. The Butler bloodline was started by Milby Butler and his son, Henry Butler in 1923, and has grown rapidly over the years. Now there is an entire organization of Butler Breeders who come together for meetings and events and host the Butler Breeder’s Invitational Sale.

What are Butler Texas Longhorns?

Little Ace Princess Hattie - Registered Butler Texas Longhorn - JKG Longhorns
JKG Miss Fancy Like - Registered Butler Texas Longhorn Calf - JKG Longhorns

In 2018, we sold all our cattle and purchased straight Butler Texas Longhorns. We were initially drawn in by the traditional look of the cattle, but quickly grew to love the Butler Breeders organization as well. Every year we excitedly look forward to the Butler Breeder’s Invitational Sale where we enjoy good food and good company.


Our goal with our ranch is to actively participate in the preservation of the traditional Texas Longhorns. With bloodlines that can be traced back several generations, Butler Texas Longhorns allow us to achieve our goals within a supportive, like-minded community.

Why We Raise Butler Texas Longhorns

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