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JKG Longhorns

Registered Texas Longhorn Cattle


About JKG Longhorns

JKG Longhorns is a family owned and operated ranch producing Registered Texas Longhorn Cattle in Yoakum, Texas. We are lifetime members of the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America (TLBAA). Our goal is to actively participate in the preservation of the traditional Texas Longhorns, while growing our beef production program.


Our Herd


We like our longhorn bulls with female power in their pedigrees. Dams and Granddams have strong influence on the calves bulls produce. We also like consistency in calves and want their offspring to be built so that it is obvious who the sire is.


Our Texas Longhorn cows are selected and bred for their traditional characteristics. They must be great mothers with easy calving and a nice udder. We like uniqueness and want a variety in horn shape and color. We also like easy keepers with gentle dispositions.

New Arrivals

Our Texas Longhorn calves are the result of a selective breeding process. We put a lot of thought into pairing the right sire and dam to produce offspring that exhibits the characteristics of a traditional Texas Longhorn. These calves are the result of months, or even years, of careful planning.

Sale Pen

We have Registered Texas Longhorns for sale. We use this page to advertise our sale consignments and calves that come up for sale after weaning. As much as we love our cattle and what they produce, we can’t keep them all!

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