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Registered Butler Texas Longhorns - JKG Longhorns

Registered Butler Texas Longhorn Ranch

EST. 2008

Our Mission & Goals

JKG Longhorns is a family owned and operated ranch producing Registered Butler Texas Longhorn Cattle. We are lifetime members of the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America (TLBAA), and members of the International Texas Longhorns Association (ITLA). Our goal is to actively participate in the preservation of the traditional Texas Longhorns, while growing our beef production program. We invite you to follow along and learn with us as we work towards making our homesteading dreams a reality.

JKG Longhorns Crew - JKG Longhorns

Who We Are

JKG Longhorns is truly a FAMILY ranch. Everybody has a role, and we all come together to make this operation possible. It's a group project that we all love and work for, and it is proudly our shared passion.

Jeff and Kristi Ging - JKG Longhorns - Registered Butler Texas Longhorn Ranch Owners

Jeff & Kristi Ging

“Every evening, we drive out to the cattle together and sit with them, admiring how our dream of raising a Registered Butler Texas Longhorn cattle herd has become a reality. A dream that we work very hard to grow and improve year after year.”

JKG Longhorns Brand - Registered Butler Texas Longhorns
Kristi Ging - JKG Longhorns


Kristi keeps things running at the ranch full time. She handles all the daily ranch work like feeding and checking the cows. She also handles all things breeding and is an expert in cattle reproduction. She keeps detailed records of heat cycles and breeding and can tell you when the calves will be born. Once the calves are born, she spends time socializing the calves, so they are used to interacting with people. It helps in keeping the animals docile and makes them much easier to handle when they are older.

Jeff Ging - JKG Longhorns

Jeff is the muscle and can build just about anything! He designs and builds everything from fences to barns, and makes necessary repairs around the ranch. He’s also the designated driver for hauling large loads. In addition to keeping the operation running and ensuring the animals are safe, Jeff handles all things grass. He has lots of knowledge on the different types of grasses and fertilizers, and always makes sure our pastures are healthy.


Kacie Ging - JKG Longhorns


Behind the scenes, Kacie is running the photography and internet operations. She regularly takes photos around the ranch to use on the website and in social media posts. She also photographs the cattle for entries in futurities and online auctions. In addition, she manages the website, keep content up to date and strategizing for internet marketing opportunities.

Jodie Ging - JKG Longhorns


Jodie is the pedigree guru! Not only does she have a vast knowledge of bloodlines, but she also knows how to apply them in a program. She is great at deciding which pedigrees would pair well together to achieve the desired goal. Her favorite bloodlines stem from the Butler Texas Longhorns. These cattle and their history are one of her passions. In addition, Jodie handles advertising for sales by making flyers and advertising on social media.

Everyone gets together to work the cattle. This includes giving them vaccines, wormer, fly treatments, and any other care they may need. JKG Longhorns is a family ranch, and a true team effort. It is rewarding to see the work that each of us do on a daily basis contribute to the overall success of a growing family business.


International Texas Longhorn Association ITLA - JKG Longhorns - Members

International Texas Longhorn Association

Members of the ITLA

Texas Longhorn Breeders Association Of America TLBAA Logo - JKG Longhorns - Lifetime Members

Texas Longhorn Breeders Association Of America

Lifetime Members of the TLBAA

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