Texas Longhorn Cows & Heifers

Our Texas Longhorn Cows

Through careful selection, we have assembled a herd of Texas Longhorn cows that highlight the traditional genetics we breed for. While there are certain traits that we look for in every cow, such as powerful pedigrees, sound reproductive capabilities and a gentle disposition, there are characteristics that we like to be unique from cow to cow. Browsing through our Texas Longhorn cows, you’ll find a rainbow of color and a variety of horn shape and length.

FA Fourth Girl - JKG Longhorns
FA Field Marshall  X  M-F Butler Girl
Little Ace Princess Hattie - JKG Longhorns
Little Ace Big Jake  X  Little Ace Pali Hattie
Icing on my Stars - JKG Longhorns - Registered Butler Texas Longhorn Cow
Dalgood's Rocky  X  Dalgood's Chocolate Pie
Dalgood's Carolina - JKG Longhorns - Registered Butler Texas Longhorn Cow
Primero Class  X  Ace's Roan Duchess
Luanna 9_07 - JKG Longhorns
Little Ace Jack  X  Luann
BH Rivergal - JKG Longhorns - Registered Butler Texas Longhorn Cow
Brazos Chex  X  Sophie BR3
Imelda BR3 - JKG Longhorns
Trinity R3  X  Candice BR3
Walker Butler  X  ER Neon Lady
Becky 45 - JKG Longhorns
LAER King George  X  Isadora
MS Abigail - JKG Longhorns - Registered Texas Longhorn Cow
RVR Silvio  X  MS Tari's Coronita
TC Kool Rainbow Lady B - JKG Longhorns
Dalgood-BLC Kulik  X  TC Spanish Dancer B
Jackie Lynn 4160 - JKG Longhorns
Midnight Hunter MC 49  X  Jackie Lynn 829
WF 711 SWC - JKG Longhorns
WF Oklahoma Cowboy 321  X  Ellda 12/0

Our Texas Longhorn Heifers

Our program is centered around breeding Texas Longhorn heifers that reflect the high-powered females in their pedigrees. Needless to say, we wait in eager anticipation for each calf to be born, hopeful for a heifer calf. If we could keep every Texas Longhorn heifer born on our ranch, we absolutely would. The heifer’s listed below are too old to be listed with the babies, but have yet to have their first calves.

JKG Miss Stars Align - JKG Longhorns
Rising Star TH  X  Icing On My Stars
JKG Miss Leading Lady - JKG Longhorns
Rising Star TH  X  TC Miss Red Rosie B
JKG Miss Stella Rose - JKG Longhorns
Rising Star TH  X  RVR Kimberly Rose
JKG Miss Limited Edition - JKG Longhorns
Mr. Peanut  X  FA Fourth Girl
JKG Miss Fancy Like - JKG Longhorns - Registered Butler Texas Longhorn
Buggy Whips Tuff Tommie  X  FA Fourth Girl