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Texas Longhorn Herd Sires

JKG Longhorns Herd Sires

At JKG Longhorns, we have selected a variety of straight Butler Texas Longhorn bulls that serve as permanent herd sires on the ranch full-time, prospect herd sires we are carefully watching for possible future use, and reference sires that have been incorporated into our program in the past. Our Texas Longhorn herd sires each serve an individual purpose and contribute unique characteristics to our program.

Our Texas Longhorn Herd Sires

Dalgood-BLC Kulik - JKG Longhorns - Registered Butler Texas Longhorn Bull
Buckaroo Chex  X  Rockette's Mijha
Buggy Whips Tuff Tommie - JKG Longhorns - Registered Butler Texas Longhorn Bull
VJ Tommie (AKA Unlimited)  X  Buggy Whips Hattie

The two Texas Longhorn bulls we have selected as our herd sires have been chosen based on a number of factors. Both bulls have several high-powered females in their pedigree that have historically influenced the Butler family of Texas Longhorn cattle and the Longhorn breed in general. They are also color-throwing bulls that produce calves with exceptional color, and it is our hope that using both of these bulls will create a “color explosion” on our ranch.

Texas Longhorn Herd Sire Prospects

Too old to be with the babies, too young to be with the herd sires, but too gorgeous not to get their own section on the website. Texas Longhorn herd sire prospects are young bull calves we are considering for future incorporation in our program. The handsome young Texas Longhorn bulls show a lot of promise and possibly hold the future of our program. Future herd sire prospects coming soon.

Texas Longhorns Reference Sires

Tommies Pistol Pete -  JKG Longhorns
VJ Tommie (AKA Unlimited)  X  LL Tangi Concho Beauty
Rising Star TH - JKG Longhorns Reference Sire -  Registered Butler Texas Longhorns
Dalgood-BLC Kulik  X  Evening Star B R3

Texas Longhorn Reference Sires are bulls we have utilized in the past from other ranches or from our own bulls that we no longer own. Their time with the ranch, however brief, was impactful enough in our program to need pages of reference for them. The Texas Longhorn bulls you see above have had lasting impacts on our herd. Navigate to their pages to learn more about their specific contributions.

About Texas Longhorn Herd SIres

What makes a good Texas Longhorn Herd Sire?

What is a Texas Longhorn Herd Sire?

A Texas Longhorn Herd Sire is the bull on a ranch responsible for breeding the females in the herd. The herd sire is the most important aspect of any breeding program as he will impact every calf born the year he is used.

The herd sire can be considered the most important aspect of any program. When looking at Texas Longhorn bulls in consideration of making them herd sires, it’s important to focus on the goals of your program as the bull you select as your herd sire will have influence over your entire herd.


For us, there are many factors we consider in selecting our herd sires. We love Texas Longhorn bulls that embody the traditional look. We carefully consider color and horn, not just of the bull himself, but of the calves he will produce. Will this bull produce a consistent variety? By that we mean, will this bull produce calves that are consistent and reflective of his body type, while still remaining unique in color patterns and horn size and shape.


We also pay close attention to the females in a potential herd sire’s pedigree. The dams, granddams and so on have incredible influence over what the bull produces. We like our pedigrees to be full of high-powered females.

In general, there are also features every Texas Longhorn herd sire should have, regardless of whether or not they are Butler longhorns. The conformation of the bull is incredibly important. He needs masculine muscling and thickness throughout his body that expresses his power and fertility.


A good herd sire will also stand level on his feet and track well. By that we mean when he is walking, his back foot will step into the place where the front foot has just been lifted from.


Another highly important factor for bulls is testicular development. It’s as simple as can this bull reproduce? He should have two symmetrical testicles. These are direct indicators of fertility. Be sure a potential herd sire has both of his and that they are healthy and not twisted or damaged in some way.

These are just a few things to look out for when choosing your Texas Longhorn herd sire. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions!

JKG Longhorns Brand - Registered Butler Texas Longhorns
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