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Through being highly selective, we have grown a Butler Texas Longhorn herd that we are incredibly proud of. Each animal brings unique characteristics that reflect the traditional look Butler Longhorns are known for possessing.

Dalgood-BLC Kulik - JKG Longhorns - Registered Butler Texas Longhorn Bull

We like our Butler Longhorn bulls with female power in their pedigrees. Dams and Granddams have strong influence on the calves that bulls produce. Our bull pedigrees include names such as Dark Star BR3, Delta Rockette, Rockette’s Mijha, Maressa, Miss Droopy and OT Superior’s Droopy, and we carefully consider the traits of all females in their pedigrees. As for the bulls themselves, we like consistency in calves. We want their offspring to be built the same to the point that it is obvious who the sire is.


FA Fourth Girl - JKG Longhorns

Our Butler Texas Longhorn cows are where the old genetics shine. Our girls are selected and bred for their traditional characteristics. The more closely they resemble the historical Texas Longhorns, the happier we are.


In addition, they must be great mothers with easy calving and a nice udder. We like uniqueness and want a variety in horn shape and color. We also like easy keepers with gentle dispositions.


JKG Miss Fancy Like - JKG Longhorns

Just cute Butler Longhorn babies, what more could you want?


There is an excitement in raising longhorns and waiting for the babies to be born because there is no way of knowing what you will get. There is every possibility. Colorful cows can have solid-colored calves and solid mothers can have colorful babies.


Even then, they change, and you get to watch the brown calf turn black and the white calf turn dappled.

New Arrivals

JKG Longhorns - Registered Butler Texas Longhorn Cattle - Logo

We have Registered Butler Texas Longhorns for sale. We typically use this page to advertise our Butler Breeders Invitational Sale consignments, and calves that come up for sale after weaning. As much as we love our cattle and what they produce, we can’t keep them all!

Registered Texas Longhorns For Sale

What do we breed for in our Butler Longhorn program?

Our cattle’s features range from tightly, twisted “corkscrew” horns as seen on FA Fourth Girl and Little Ace Princess Hattie to the lengthy, swooping horns Icing On My Stars possesses. We don’t breed for any single trait, but rather have a melting pot of all our favorites. We have Butler Longhorns with all horn types and shapes, even some with wax horns, and our herd is a rainbow with every hide color and pattern, including our personal favorite, lacey faces.

FA Fourth Girl - JKG Longhorns - Registered Butler Texas Longhorns

FA Fourth Girl with the "corkscrew" shaped horns, JKG Longhorns, Registered Butler Texas Longhorns.

We have a strong interest in the traditional Texas Longhorns which is why we chose to raise Butler Texas Longhorns specifically. We enjoy their unique features and eagerly wait to see what our program will produce year after year.

The one trait that all of our Butler Texas Longhorns must have is a gentle disposition. For most of our cattle, this comes from the socializing we do with them when they are calves, but when introducing a full-grown cow to the herd, we are careful to make sure they will be just as laid back as the rest of the herd.

JKG Longhorns Brand - Registered Butler Texas Longhorns
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